About Us

TheSecond Construction Co.,Ltd of China Construction Third Engineering Bureauis the important backbone subsidiary corporationof China State Construction Engineering Corporation which is one of the Global500. It has formed an industrial pattern that focus on high-end housing,infrastructure construction and overseas business, involving various aspectssuch as real estate development,  designing, steel structure erection, M&Einstallation, municipal works, roads, bridges and tunnels, power plants, superhigh-rise buildings.

Ourcorporation has served as general contractor for about 60 years domestically,and 30 years as construction contractor overseas. The business spread over thewhole China and overseas markets in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle Eastand Africa. We’ve accumulated plentiful experiences of overseas projectcontracting and construction, and developed mature management teams , validmanagement pattern and sufficient local resources for overseasprojects.

Ourcorporation has a strong technical and engineering power and great achievements.We’ve won more than 20 Luban Prize as known as National Quality Project Award,making us the one that won the most national highest prizes, and also won morethan 60 scientific and technological awards of provincial and ministerial leveland more than 190 provincial and ministerial quality awards. We have more than4000 registered staff members among which there are more than 1300 techniciansand engineers, including more than 200 national first-class registeredconstructors, nearly 400 senior engineers with professor grade or other seniorprofessional posts, and more than 600 staff members with medium-classprofessional technical posts. With the accumulation of tens of years, we havedeveloped unique technological superiority of international advanced level inaspects of super high-rise buildings, super high-rise steel structures,heterotypic structures, large-scale industrial constructions, complicated deepfoundation works, super high-rise erection and so on.

Bythe year 2014, our corporation had achieved a total contract amount of40,000,000,000 RMB and a total business income of 20,000,000,000RMB.

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